Energy Modeling

EMA is fully embracing the industry progression to energy modeling as a critical element of an integrative design process. We can evaluate energy efficiency measures and provide the best solution based on those results. We utilize leading edge software, such as IES-VE (Integrated Environmental Solutions-Virtual Environment) and Openstudio to simulate the energy usage of a proposed facility, then compare it to the baseline building as defined by ASHRAE. Starting with 2-D CAD, 3-D CAD, Sketchup, or Revit files, we can develop an energy model consistent with your design and evaluate design alternatives to inform the design process; and if your project is on a LEED path, we can model and document your building's design to maximize your project's EAc1 points. The whole building simulation includes the building location, local climate data, building orientation, and MEP systems' operational schedules.

Our Energy Modeling Services Include:

  • Architecture 2030 Challenge
  • LEED Energy and Atmosphere audits
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis
  • Integrative Design
  • Natural Ventilation Design

For Additional Information, contact:
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