Mike J. Clendenin, P.E.


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President, Shareholder, Board of Directors

Mike began his career at EMA in 1994 while attending the University of Texas at Tyler where he graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1999. Over the past 18 years he has served as project manager, design engineer and key client manager on a variety of educational facility projects before becoming Director of Construction Management. In 2004, Mike was elected to the Board of Directors and for the last four years he has served as President.

Jimmie Taylor, CPA


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CFO, Shareholder, Board of Directors

Jimmie graduated with highest honors from Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.B.A. in Accounting in 1974. Jimmie joined EMA in 2005. As Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for all the financial and accounting functions of the company. In 2007, Jimmie became a company shareholder and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2011.

Gary Bristow, P.E.


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Principal, Shareholder, Board of Directors

Gary joined EMA in 1984 after graduating with a B.S. in Mechanical Agriculture from Texas A&M University. As Vice President of Consulting, Gary manages the Project Management, Commissioning, Energy Consulting and Master Planning Departments. Gary was elected to the Board of Directors in 2004 and became Senior Vice President four years later.

Malek Bekka
P.E., QCxP, BECxP, Commissioning Coordinator, Shareholder

Scott Clendenin
P.E., Director of Client Services, Shareholder

Mike Cork
QCxP, CBCP, Director of Commissioning, Shareholder

Jason Cox
Technology Engineering Department Manager, Shareholder

Mark Crum
P.E., Project Manager, Shareholder

David Dupont
Director of Quality, Shareholder

Tommy Fenter
P.E., LC, Electrical Engineer, Shareholder

Josh Gentry
P.E., Director of Consulting Services, Shareholder

Chris Hamby
P.E., Project Manager, Shareholder

Matt Hensley
P.E., LC, Project Manager, Shareholder

Tonya Newsom
P.E., Electrical Engineer, Shareholder

Jason Reed
P.E., Mechanical Engineering Department Manager, Shareholder

James Tate
P.E., Electrical Engineering Department Manager, Shareholder

Cameron Symes
P.E., Director of Architectural Services, Shareholder

Will Hill
Project Manager, Shareholder

  • Adolf, Andrew- Commissioning Intern
  • Battle, Ivan- Electrical Design
  • Beason, Kent, P.E., LEED AP, BEMP- Sustainability Coordinator
  • Bristow, Justin, ATEM- Commissioning
  • Broyles, Michael- Plumbing Design
  • Buck, John- Mechanical Design
  • Burt, Sheila- CADD
  • Cardenas, Alex- CADD
  • Dingler, Adam- Plumbing Design
  • Dingler, Anthony- Electrical Design
  • Faulkner, James- Construction Administration
  • Fisher, David, P.E.- Electrical Engineer, Energy Consultant
  • Fontenot, Heath- Mechanical Design
  • Garcia Javier, E.I.T., QCxP- Mechanical Engineer, Commissioning
  • Gibson, Ken- Technology Consultant
  • Hall, James- Technology Consultant
  • Hansen, Steven- Electrical Design
  • Hensley, Cammy- Human Resources Coordinator
  • Hill, Will- Project Manager
  • Hollenshead, Catherine, P.E., LC- Electrical Engineer
  • Holt, Gary- Project Manager
  • Houliston, Darren- Electrical Design
  • Hubl, Brant- Electrical Design
  • Jackson, Sharon- Specification Coordinator
  • Johnson, Clint, P.E.- Mechanical Engineer, Commissioning
  • Kalau, Dan- Electrical Design
  • Kincaid, Jessica- Clerical
  • Kingry, Roy- Mechanical Design
  • Lee, Shane, P.E.- Mechanical Engineer
  • Lindley, Karlie- Electrical Design
  • Lopez, Jeffrey- Plumbing Design
  • Martine, Sammy- Plumbing Design
  • Massey, Nancy- Specification Assistant
  • McDade, Joyce- Mechanical Design
  • Nipp, Nicholas- Electrical Design
  • Nixon, Jon- Construction Administration
  • Odom, Clinton- Mechanical Design
  • Oliver, Ebony- Specification Assistant
  • Peregoy, Glenn- Construction Administration
  • Plyler, Jared- Technology Consultant
  • Rebollar, Mike- Mechanical Design
  • Reeder, John- Construction Administration
  • Rieger, Shawn- Project Manager
  • Robles, Abraham- Plumbing Design
  • Sanders, Stacy- Marketing Coordinator
  • Smith, Shannon- Construction Administration
  • Spurger, Jordon- CADD
  • Sudduth, Ryan- Construction Administration
  • Sullivan, Matthew, P.E.- Mechanical Engineer
  • Thackerson, David- Electrical Design
  • Thomas, Randy- Director of Construction Administration
  • Tomlinson, Jamie- Clerical
  • Van Rite, Wes, E.I.T., QCxP- Project Coordinator, Commissioning
  • Woodcock, Chris- CADD