Pflugerville ISD

New Building Commissioning

HVAC, Lighting & Controls Commissioning

EMA identified over 30 problems early during construction that were resolved before the building was occupied. Including observations of all duct and HVAC equipment, assistance during the HVAC equipment startup, verification and functional testing of all HVAC equipment, point-by-point checkout of control system, verification of all temperature sensors, verification of 40% of test and balance work, coordination between contactor and owner during construction, ensured that all time schedules and setpoints were to district standards, ensured that all sequences of operation were according to construction documents. EMA’s new building commissioning is estimated to save the district over $40,000 in maintenance, troubleshooting, energy reduction, comfort problems, and equipment malfunctions and failures in the first year.

Gary Schulte, Coordinator of Construction for Pflugerville ISD
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